Driving Innovation to Market.

Our market is changing everyday, and it’s clear that new technology and innovation is leading this change in our industry. So we foster new products, new materials, new trends and new installation methods. We know that if the products we offer can dramatically reduce installation costs, or improve the safety of our hospitals and schools, we can effectively drive the direction of the market and influence change.

Focused and Relevant.

We bring field-based insight to our factories to help them pro-actively develop proprietary products that meet and exceed the needs of the growing market.

Some of our manufacturers have brand recognition and others have brand promise. We work to develop focused sales strategies relevant to each of our manufacturers product lines. How we drive each product line to market is as diverse as each of the lines themselves.

The unprecedented sales growth we deliver through the execution of our strategic insight has reset the national sales expectations of some of our strongest factories. We’ve grown sales even in the worst economic times.